Who needs Business Insurance? In short, every single business in operation!

While some business owners may think that their business is "too small to need insurance", the truth is that all companies, regardless of size or industry, should have business insurance to protect their assets, operations, and employees.

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Business insurance can help cover the costs of unexpected events like property damage, lawsuits, and injuries that may occur on the job or on your property.

There are various types of business insurance, and while you may not need all of them, here are some that we recommend for every business owner. 

  • Property Insurance will protect your building, equipment, and assets from damage or loss due to unforeseen events like theft, fire, flooding, or other disasters.

  • Liability Coverage will protect your business from claims or lawsuits arising from bodily injury, property damage, or other damages caused by the business operations or products.

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance protects employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their work. Without workers' compensation insurance, employees may be left with significant medical bills and lost wages, and may be more likely to take legal action against their employer. 

  • Business Owners Policies are designed for small and medium-sized businesses that bundle property and liability coverage into one package, typically including coverage for property damage, business interruption, liability, and crime.

Sometimes this basic coverage isn't enough and as a business owner, you stand to lose everything if you're not properly covered! That's why it's important to work with the right Insurance Broker to make sure that you're getting the best coverage for your specific needs. 

At Kastner Insurance Group, we take finding customized coverage for each client to heart. We work with several carriers and are extremely familiar with every type of insurance that our client may need. We offer unbiased advice to make sure that our clients are fully covered and our customer service is unmatched. 

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