Have you heard CIPP: Cured In Place Pipe?

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At Kastner Insurance Group, we are always trying to bring valuable information to help you as a homeowner; whether that be tips, updates, or new solutions to common problems. So when I heard about this minimally invasive way to fix drainage issues, I had to let you know!Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 12.37.49 PM

I met with Andreau Trepagnier of PSS Plumbing to introduce a new (to us) technology that I think you'll find really interesting! This technology, referred to as CIPP, is being used in Europe but it's relatively new to the United States, since we as a country are younger and therefore just encountering the types of age-related piping problems that this technology will fix.

If you have an older house in Louisiana or anywhere, really, and you need to have your cast iron pipes replaced or anything, Andreau has a solution to your problems with a process that I think is amazing.  

Andreau does what he calls a "pipe rehabilitation process". He and his team can go in to sensitive areas like underneath a live oak tree. Anyone with trees knows how valuable (and expensive) they are, so you don't want to disturb the roots more than you have to, and you especially don't want to kill the tree off.

We filmed with him during the process of fixing tree invasion into the pipes of a 100 year old home. Half the plumbing had been replaced with some PVC, which has some roots going into the plumbing. And then half was some ceramic pipe with some cast iron that needed to be done. The first thing he did was come out with a plumber and video scope the plumbing to see what was going on and where the issues were. In this case there was root invasion from live oak trees.

CIPPTypically, your old houses have cast iron run up underneath the slab, and then once they come out to the yard, they meet up with clay pipe. The inside of this cast iron is very rough over years of erosion and corrosion. As you can imagine, this isn't a very good surface for your toilet paper to flow across. This causes a lot of stoppage issues, and Andreau's team has the tools to clean this up and get it fixed. 

Andreau said, "So we come in, we take our video scope with push cameras we can see as we get into the pipe. This is something that your conventional plumber doesn't always have. A lot of times they do. But we partner with the plumbing contractors around Acadiana and Louisiana, and we work with them to call us in, say, hey, we've got roots coming in. We need some specialty tools, which we have to come cut the roots out. Oftentimes they'll cut the roots out, but the customer wants a permanent solution to where the roots don't come back. Because once the roots have access into your piping system, every time you run your shower or you flush a toilet, that water is inviting. It's pulling the roots back into the pipe. So once they get a taste, they're coming right back in for more water. That's why you end up with foundation issues underneath the house, because the roots are finding their way up under there. They're chasing water. So we go in, we put a liner across those gaps and we can seal it off to where you don't have water leaking back out. Once we get the camera inspection done, that's kind of where we take over."

We're including the video of my interview with Andreau where he walks us through the process wherein he dug an access pit and put an inversion liner into the pipe. There are many benefits to this process versus your conventional dig and replace. If you watch the video, we'll show you what that looks like. 


If you're looking at buying an older property or if you have a home that has been giving you constant stoppages, you're calling the plumber out and you don't know what the problem is, give Andreau and his team a call-- let them come up with a permanent solution. You can reach Andreau by email at atrep.pss@gmail.com. 

As always, we strive to give you advice that will help make it easier for you as a homeowner. If you have any questions or would like to chat with us about your homeowners insurance give us a call today or click below to schedule a consult!

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