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Going to the doctor. Getting exercise. Eating healthy

That’s a short list of things we know are good for us, yet tend to put off or avoid doing altogether. Purchasing flood insurance almost makes the list, except for one major difference: everyone knows those other things are good for them, but the average property owner is woefully unaware of the risks of not insuring against flood.

Usually what happens is we get a large thunderstorm, and it never fails, that next day clients are calling to add flood insurance

As an independent agent, we are here to educate our clients about these risks. (For example, our Ultimate Insurance Cheat Sheet) Most people assume that if their lender doesn’t require flood insurance, they don’t need it. Some don’t believe there is a risk of flooding, and others expect everything to be covered under their homeowners policy. We live in a flood plain. If you live in Louisiana you should carry flood insurance, plain and simple. It's only a couple hundred dollars a year in preferred areas.


The reality is that flood is excluded in a standard homeowners policy, and not only is it the nation’s most common natural disaster, but over 20 percent of flood claims come from properties not in high-risk zones. Flooding is a threat regardless of where a home is, and insuring one outside of a high-risk zone comes at a fraction of the price of those in the high-risk locations. It’s typically less than one would spend on cable TV or their mobile phone.

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We are in the middle of hurricane season and the heavy rain that comes this time of year increases the risk of flooding, and the 30-day waiting period to obtain coverage means it is important to urge clients to get covered sooner rather than later.

For most, a home is the biggest investment they will ever make. Protecting that investment is more convenient than a trip to the doctor, easier than going to the gym, and cheaper than eating healthy foods.

Consider purchasing flood insurance, it’s an important item on the insurance checklist and we want to make sure you have it.

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