Are you aware of the latest scams? Do you know what clues to look out for?

We hope you’re on top of your cyber security, but we’re looking out for you just in case!

Read below to see how you can avoid some of the more common scams & develop an eye for spotting a fake!

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Another day another scammer trying to cheat, lie, & steal — let’s see what you can do to avoid their traps:

1. Be Wary Of A Sense Of Urgency 

Scammers try to create a sense of urgency so that you click on the link or provide sensitive information quickly before researching more closely. Wording like "act now" or "final notice" is all too common in scam land, and moving too quickly might make you a victim. Don't be tricked into clicking on links that could compromise you.


2. Don't Believe Threats Of Suspension/Deletion

Phrases like "Your (insert account) has been placed on hold. Click the link to verify your account." or "Your (insert account) will be deleted due to payment failure. Click here to update payment method." are all too common scams that we warn against. You'll see these tactics often with Netflix & Amazon impersonators. Try to use common sense when you get these messages & ask yourself if legitimate companies would really benefit from your account being placed on hold or deleted. 

3. Examine The Spelling

Carefully examine the spelling-- especially the spelling in the link itself. Legitimate companies have ownership of their domain, which means that a scammer link can't be spelled using the exact same letters. Often times, scammers will get close by replacing the lowercase "L" for a number 1 or the letter "O" with a zero. For example or 


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4. Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication

We say this often, but we really can't say it too much, so here it is again-- SET UP MULTI-FACTOR! It's too easy to get hacked & if you're using the same password for multiple logins (not recommended), then someone hacking your Facebook could gain access to your email, which could give them access to your banking, etc. etc. etc. We hope you don't fall victim & click something you shouldn't, but if you do, having multi-factor authentication will give you a valuable layer of protection! 

*If you ever do accidentally click on something you shouldn't, change your password.*

5. Follow Us To Stay Updated

At Kastner Insurance Group, we make Cyber Security our business. Being in this business has made us all too aware that there are WAY more cyber criminals out there than most people realize. These scammers will keep changing the game & doing everything possible to steal valuable information. That's why we are always trying to keep our clients & friends safe by providing free tips on our social media pages, website, & email blasts.

If you own a business, we always recommend Cyber Insurance-- and it may be cheaper than you think! Click below for a FREE quote!

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