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Emergency Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Emergency Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Every year as the weather warms up, the people of Louisiana brace for storm season. Remember Hurricane Harvey? Your team at Kastner Insurance Group is here for you year round, but especially during turbulent times. 

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Now we don't have to tell anyone from Louisiana how life-changing hurricanes can be. From insurance premiums on the rise, to homes destroyed, to loss of life-- major storms can be literally devastating. The best way to combat these storms is through preparation, so we've put together a list of helpful tips in the wake of storm season. 

1. Safely store loose outdoor items & cut away tree limbs. 

Keeping your tree limbs trimmed back from your house is really best practice all year long, as any storm can knock a limb onto your home or valuables. If you have advance notice of a storm, remove and store all outdoor furniture, bicycles, yard toys or other items that could be picked up by high winds and become dangerous projectiles. Make sure any shutters are secured so that they don't blow off the house and endanger anyone. We spoke more about this to Redfin in their article about hurricane prep

2. Make arrangements for pets.

Be sure to bring pets indoors at the first sign of a storm or severe weather. In the event of lightning, thunder, or heavy winds, pets can become disoriented or agitated and can wander or run off. Make arrangements for pets when evacuating. 

3. Take Pictures & Document Everything.

If you have time, take a detailed inventory of your valuables, including photos or video of possessions that might be lost or damaged. (This is always good practice for insurance purposes, whether during storm season or not!)

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4. Plan to communicate.

Plan how to communicate with friends and family if you lose power, and notify contacts in safe areas of your whereabouts. Buy power banks for cell phones so that if you lose power you can charge your phones to keep in touch with family and emergency responders. 

Ensure that you have a list of important contacts handy, including those for family members, neighbors, insurance company contact info and emergency numbers so that if your phone does die, you'll still have that information accessible. 

5. Tank Up.

Fill your car’s gas tank and make sure your fuel supply for generators and other equipment is adequate.

6. Stay Informed.

Stay informed of weather developments and listen for emergency information and alerts. Download news and weather apps with notifications so that you have the latest updates. 

7. Evacuate If Necessary.

Follow the news and weather reports closely to stay informed. If you are instructed to evacuate, do so quickly and safely. Be sure to lock all windows and doors before leaving, and bring all important documents with you (including birth certificates, passports, etc.) If you are instructed to evacuate, do so quickly and safely. Be sure to lock all windows and doors before leaving, and bring all important documents with you (including birth certificates, passports, etc.). 

8. Return Carefully.

Following the storm, watch for outdoor hazards, including fallen tree limbs and other debris. Stay away from loose or damaged power lines, and report them to the proper authorities. 

9. Cleanup Cautiously.

Remove standing water, as it can pose a serious health risk and can be contaminated with bacteria and other toxins. Use a pump or a wet/dry vacuum to remove the water as soon as possible. Wear protective gear such as gloves, sturdy shoes, and a face mask to protect yourself from injury and exposure to mold and other hazardous materials. Remove any debris, including fallen trees, branches, and other items that may have been displaced during the storm. Check your property for any structural damage that may have occurred during the storm, such as cracks in the walls or foundation.

10. Call Us.

If your home suffers storm damage we're here to help! Give us a call at any time or check out our website for more tips on preparing for storm season!


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